无论你选择的是SSD还是HDD, it would be best if you had professional guidance with your choice. Our experts at Tektonic are ready to help you choose the best drive that fits your business.

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如果你最近买了一台超便携笔记本电脑, you’ve most likely bought one with a Solid-State drive or an SSD. 然而, some subset budget computers still favour hard disk drives (HDD). 选择SSD还是HDD是一个挑战, especially if you cannot see any significant difference between these two drives.

不过你还是得选一个,对吧? 你会如何选择适合自己需求的动力? Let’s get you into knowing the difference between HDD and SSD before you make up your mind.


HDDs are more traditional drives that have been in existence for around fifty years. They depend on platters or spinning platters to read and write. These types of discs contain one or several magnetic platters, an actuator arm, and a motor. The actuator arm has a read and writes head while the motor spins the platters. They also have 1/0 binary controllers and firmware that instructs the hardware to communicate with the computer system.

因此, their “reading and writing” happens by subtle magnetic patterns on the platter’s surface. One magnetic polarity correlates with the “1” while the other correlates with the “0” while writing binary code. 这意味着HDD只能“读”或“写”,这意味着它们没有“删除”或“删除”命令.

那么,当你“删除”一个文件时会发生什么呢? 好吧, 如果你用硬盘删除电脑上的文件, 您将命令驱动器将该空间视为空白, 类似于重新格式化驱动器. Ideally, you’ll be ignoring that space until the entire drive fills up with new information.  This means that the information is still available for a while until it’s overwritten. That’s why computer users can still recover files from an HDD even after “deleting” them, 假设信息没有被覆盖.


固态硬盘, are newer types of drives fundamentally different from HDD in almost every aspect. 它们在保存、删除或移动文件的方式上有所不同. SSDs store and retrieve data using electronic circuits without using their mechanical parts. 他们用"非易失性闪存,” meaning that they can retain data even after turning off your computer.

SSDs still have the read and write functionality and erase data, similar to HDD. 然而, it doesn’t mean that you will entirely remove your files once you “delete” them. SSDs do not create magnetic patterns but electronically program them into storage cells. 这些单元格被组织成“页面”和“块”.理想情况下,64页被分组成一个区块. These blocks can only be written when full and are entirely erased and rewritten.

One of the disadvantages of SSDs over HDDs is that they experience a small amount of wear to the drive when rewriting these blocks. If a computer user continuously erases and rewrites data on the same block, 硬盘的磨损速度会超过预期寿命.

这就是为什么这些驱动力损耗平衡,以确保数据均匀地写入驱动器. The drive will write your new data on a new block rather than on the previous block using this measure. SSDs also tend to “over provision” their data to extend the SSDs lifespan further.


Now that you know how HDDs and SSDs work, you’re probably wondering how these two drives compare. Below is a detailed look at the comparison between SSD and HDD to help you make a better choice.


SSD’s speed is probably one of the factors that makes them popular. Intel claims that SSD is eight times faster than HDD, meaning they have a shorter boot-up time. 因此, you should expect a less wait time when starting an SSD and further delays when opening apps and handling heavy computer tasks. SSDs also take less time to perform storage-intensive tasks like copying large files.


Since SSDs have no moving parts, they are more reliable than HDDs. hdd中的移动部件增加了“头崩溃.“电子故障可能导致头部碰撞, 物理冲击, 突然停电, 或者是制作拙劣的盘和盘头. 另外, HDDs are susceptible to data corruption and damage when placed close to powerful magnets due to their use of magnets in their operation.


When it comes to the longevity of HDDs and SSDs, HDDs tend to be better. 人们对ssd的工作方式存在担忧, especially with the possibility of wearing out when a computer user deletes and rewrites data on the same block. 然而, SSDs manufacturers have made a lot of effort to create a read/write architecture that reduces wear on these drives. 因此,您仍然应该期望您的SDD持续较长时间.


hdd的存储容量可以在250gb到20tb之间, ssd盘最多30个.72 GB. 因此, when measuring the cost per capacity, HDDs are the best. 然而, 当比较总拥有成本(TCO)时, ssd是第一位的, 因为每个服务器要比hdd完成更多的工作.

如果你是一个玩家,ssd将是你最好的选择. Gaming computers involve fast operations, and the only way to achieve this would be by using an SSD. 然而,这并不能完全排除hdd的使用. 你仍然可以使用硬盘来存储数据, 文档, 和照片, 哪个空间更大,价格更便宜.


Both HDD and SSD offer different and unique services to their users. 例如, 如果你正在寻找一种便宜的方式来存储你的文件, HDDs fit your choice; come with sufficient terabytes and at affordable prices. 然而, 如果你是一个狂热的程序员或玩家, SSDs should be your choice since they offer dramatically improved speeds.

无论你选择的是SSD还是HDD, it would be best if you had professional guidance with your choice. Our experts at Tektonic are ready to help you choose the best drive that fits your business. 亿德体育 today for the best IT solutions in 沃恩, ON, and its surroundings.

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